Gesture Mouse
Model No.GMO-46G
2.4G Gesture Keyboard
Model No.RF24O-50K
Touch Mouse
Model No.RF24O-52G
  About Us
Company profile

iDealltech is a Taiwanese company founded in 2005.

We design and produce innovative and cutting-edge computer peripheral products. We are dedicated to creating user-friendly products and patenting our products in accordance with copy-right regulations. In this way, we can provide and pursue better and better designs and services for our customers.

Our company goals are the following 2 major points.

1. Good Product

A good product means a useful tool for users.

It does not necessarily mean a fantastic Industrial Design (ID) or one with multiple functions. This is what iDealltech, the RD team, including ID designers, Electrical Engineers (EE) & Mechanical Engineers (ME), firmware/software programmers are endeavoring to develop now.

“Good to use & Using smart” is the motto of every of our RD and Product Manager (PM) members. Every of our product has to be easy to use and user-friendly under everyday regular PC work. We avoid any redundant features to better facilitate and meet user’s quick demands.

2. Good Service

Our products are manufactured in our factory in Mainland China.

We set strict restrictions and demand the best quality of our product with the aid of our internal management. This includes qualified engineers and staff education, stable production line, on-time delivery and technical support and service. With these, our customers can rely on us for the best product and the best quality. We think highly of the request from our customers. In all our departments, we respond to every of our customer’s request immediately, and we hold responsible attitude towards every of ours customer’s inquiry. These, as a whole, constitute the core spirit of our company and our determination to be a good supplier.
The product lines we are focusing currently are input devices, including mouse, presenter, media control tool, USB LED light, iTouch (wireless TouchPad) and wireless mini-keyboard compatible with computer and cellular phone. We are inviting and welcoming business of OEM/ODM base. For further information on our products, please visit our website at Shall there be any inquiry, please address your requests to We are looking forward to hearing from you.