Gesture Mouse
Model No.GMO-46G
2.4G Gesture Keyboard
Model No.RF24O-50K
Touch Mouse
Model No.RF24O-52G

1.Do I need a driver to install before using?

All our products do not require driver to activate. Plug and play immediately.

2. The cursor is not working. What’s wrong?

Check if USB receiver is properly plugged to USB port.

3.I turn on the power switch, but the mouse is not working. What’s wrong?

If this is the first use, please find in the package a battery charging cable, recharge the battery for 8 hours. If you have already charged the battery, check if LED red light is shining, recharge again with the battery charging cable.

4.The computer identifies the new USB receiver, but Air Mobile is still not working!

Please press the reset button on USB receiver and allow some seconds for re-synchronization. Make sure that Air Mobile and the receiver are not farther than 1.5 meters. If still not working, check if Power LED light is shining, if not, recharge the battery.

5.When using Air Mobile, other wireless input devices are mal-functioning or even not working. What should I do?

To avoid interference, please re-link the channel to prevent problems caused by interference. Also, if there is interference with other electronic device, please keep a distance of more than 20 cm away between USB receiver and other electronic appliance, such as PC, monitor or other wireless transmission device.

6.Air Mobile is not working, what’s wrong?
There may be interference happening.
1.      Allow more distance between USB receiver and you PC or other wireless transmission device.
2.      Turn off any wireless device and power switch near USB receiver.
3.      Avoid using Air Mobile on sleek or metal material surface.
4.      USB receiver should be kept away from interference materials.

7.When there are other wireless mouse near, Air Mobile is not working well. What can I do?

To avoid interference, please re-link to assure best connection and make sure the distance between Air Mobile & USB receiver is within 1.5 meter.

8.Is Air Mobile compatible with Windows 64-bit?

 Yes, Air Mobile is Windows 32-bit & 64-bit compatible.