Gesture Mouse
Model No.GMO-46G
2.4G Gesture Keyboard
Model No.RF24O-50K
Touch Mouse
Model No.RF24O-52G

1.Do I need a driver to install before using 4-way mouse?

All our products do not require driver to activate. Plug and play immediately.

2.The cursor is not working. What’s wrong?

Check if USB plug is properly plugged to USB port. Power LED light should be shining if working well.

3. Flip 3-D display function is not working. What’s wrong?
Flip 3-D display requires OS environment of Windows Vista/ 7 / Mac 10 or above.
Check if your OS environment is equivalent or above those versions.

4. When I use Joystick to control directions, the window frames are shrunk to the right or to the left, but not the direction control as I am expecting. What’s wrong?

Check if you press on the joystick button earlier. If you did, press the button again to return to normal operation. Normally, when using joystick button to have a Flip 3-D display, after scroll selection, we press the joystick button to determine the intended application for display. If you happen to press mouse-left button without pressing the joystick button, please press joystick button again.

5.Is 4-way mouse compatible with Windows 64-bit?

Yes, 4-way mouse is Windows 32-bit & 64-bit compatible.