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Palm-size Mobile Keyboard , Keyin to surf anytime!!

It is becoming the trend that more and more LCD TVs are equipped with net surfing function. This Palm-size mobile keyboard is of the size same as mobile phone, with number key, 26 key English alphabets. It is especially convenient for living room or bedroom entertainment. You can keyin website address or your message on MSN/Skype very easily. 2.4G Mobile keybaord adopts wireless 2.4GHz technology and guarantees connection range of up to 10 meters. Right upper side is designed with Opitcal sensor enabling air control of cursor. It is specially convenient when you browse the website. Reference price is NT2500. Designed and manufactured by iDealltech Technology Taiwan.

★掌中行動鍵盤 隨時KEY上網/愈來愈多液晶電視具有上網功能,這款迷你掌中行動鍵盤,大小有如手機,上有數字鍵和26個英文字母,方便使用者在客廳或臥室使用,方便的輸入網址或短訊息,它採用2.4G無線技術,有效距離約為10公尺,右上角上有光學感應的觸控盤,可以控制游標移動,方便瀏覽網頁時使用,參考價2500元,由台灣艾禮科技設計。,5047,100305+112010070700652,00.html